Price List

Dental Implant
CT Scan: USD 250.
3D Surgical Guide: USD 335.
ADIN Implant: USD 3,000/each.
Nobel Biocare Implant:

USD 4,000/each.

Soft Tissue Augmentation Procedure: USD 670.*
Bone Regeneration Procedure: USD 1,000.*
Sinus Lift: USD 1,670/Section.*
Osteotomy:          USD 1,335/Section.*
*Apply only when need

Dental Implant Bridge Special Package

2 implants with bridge of 3 crown units: USD 7,000 ~ USD 90,000.
3 implants with bridge of 4 crowm units:

USD 10,000 ~ USD 130,000.

Full Arch Reconstrution Dental Implant (All-On-6):

USD 20,335 ~ USD 26,335.

All-On-4: USD 26,670.
(Price includes ADIN implant)

Aesthetic Dentistry (Veneer): USD 835.
Aesthetic Dentistry (Ceramic Crown): USD 835 ~ USD 1000
Fiber Post for ceramic crown: USD 100.
Advance Teeth Whitening: USD 420.
Sedation Dentistry: USD 670.

Aboved fees are subject to change based on persional dental plan.